The tip of the night for October 11, 2020 discussed the open source program that can be used with almost any scanner, Not Another PDF Scanner (NAPS).

When using this application in order to access the options for the document scanner, you need to select the 'Use native UI' radial button.

When this is selected after you click the scan 'play' button, a dialog box will come up that will let you choose between using the automatic document feeder or the flatbed; select the color format; and designate the image file type.

Sorry for the lame quality of these tips. I just completed my busiest month at work since 2003.

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When opening an encrypted zip file in Windows Explorer you may get an error message indicating that a destination file could not be created.

While this can result if you try to extract files to a directory that you don't have read / write permissions for, it may also be caused by Windows Explorer not being able to prompt the user for the entry of a password. Tonight, when I experienced this problem, I tried opening the file in 7Zip which did prompt me for a password, and I was able to successfully extract and open the zipped files.

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Many court reporters are still using serial cables to run realtime feeds to attorney laptops in court. Since few laptops manufactured in recent years will have a serial port, an adapter will be needed.

However, as I noticed recently during the setup of audio visual equipment for a trial in New York state court, these adapters will not 'plug and play'. You'll need to have the correct drivers which may not be easy to locate online, particularly if you are stuck with an adapter unmarked with any brand name or model number.

Bring your own adapters and hold onto the disc with the drivers! This technological anachronism may not be manufactured by a company that posts them on the web!

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