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Tracking entries in checkboxes with Abbyy FineReader

I am currently using an older version [v.11 - Professional Edition] of the Abbyy FineReader OCR software to render text for several thousand PDFs. The software does something which I have found to not be possible with Adobe Acrobat Pro or version 12 of the FoxIt PDF Editor software. It will successively pick up a check mark or 'X' in a check box.

The software often gets the mark perfectly as:


. . . but will sometimes substitute a 'K' or if there's a check in the box:

. . . it will enter a minuscule character like this: ø

An empty checkbox may get converted to an 'n' or just an empty box: □

But it interprets the marks consistently so if you're analyzing thousands of documents you can successfully track when checkboxes were ticked off.


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