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powershell script to extract multiple zip files

You can use a simple PowerShell script to extract the contents of multiple zip files. The command Expand-Archive followed by a file path to a zip file, will extract the contents to a location specified in the script.

Create a text file with each line beginning with Expand-Archive -LiteralPath '

. . . followed by the file paths, followed by  -DestinationPath 

. . . followed by the location that you want the files to be extracted to:

Expand-Archive -LiteralPath "C:\foofolder\" -DestinationPath "C:\foofolder\extracthere"

Expand-Archive -LiteralPath "C:\foofolder\Litigation Support.7z" -DestinationPath "C:\foofolder\extracthere"

Open Windows PowerShell ISE (x86), and paste this script into the script pane.

Note that this method will not work for 7zip files.

I tested this tonight and successfully extracted more than 50,000 files from almost 50 zip files.


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