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ROSE - RelativityOne Staging Explorer

ROSE, RelativityOne Staging Explorer, has been discussed here in the past [see the Tip of the night for September 23, 2021, describing the transfer pane; and the Tip of the night for April 9, 2022, which related some of the then current parameters for ROSE. Here's some new information:

  1. ROSE can currently simultaneously import three jobs per workspace and up to 16 per instance of Relativity.

  2. If date formats used in an import file are not recognized by Relativity, it will flag them as shown below, but it will not be necessary to reformat them in order to continue with the import.

3. If the delimiters used in a .csv file are entered incorrectly, ROSE will flag on which rows these errors appear on - see below.

4. It includes an option to exclude those annoying .tmp files which were generated by MS Office.

5. While ROSE includes an option to auto map data coming from particular custodians with folders in the workspace for those custodians, it can only detect names in the 'last name, first name' order.

6. After a browser's cache is cleared, the regional settings will default back to those for the United States.


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