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Staging Explorer for RelativityOne

The Tip of the Night for December 31, 2020 referred to RelativityOne's Staging Explorer, which is used to upload and download files for RelativityOne. Here's some more detail on how it works.

Staging Explorer speeds up the time it takes to complete data transfers by using the data compression functionality of Aspera, IBM's data streaming service. Local files are selected on the left. On the right side, you can download data from the server.

The transfer pane at the bottom is used to track any in progress downloads. If you want to queue several data sets before beginning an upload or download, uncheck the 'Auto Start' box at the lower right.

Notice the small field in the middle of the transfer pane labeled 'Target Rate'. Setting a megabits per second rate in this field will allow you to throttle some jobs, and prioritize others. The highest possible setting for any job in the queue is 55 Mbps.


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