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More on RelativityOne's Staging Explorer

The Tip of the Night for September 23, 2021 discussed how to use Relativity Staging Explorer to upload and download data for RelativityOne, and tonight's tip provides some additional detail.

Staging Explorer is a great asset. It will transfer metadata without altering it, and can help you transfer more then 60 GB of data or more than 100,000 files in as little as an hour. It's possible to access Staging Explorer through the RDC . . . .

Staging Explorer has some limitations which you may run up against.

  • Only one instances of Staging Explorer can run on a Windows operating system.

  • You will need to have your firewall set to allow for outbound connections on particular ports. A connectivity check must always be performed before initiating a transfer in Staging Explorer. Access it through the drop down menu at the top right.

  • Files with paths longer than 470 characters cannot be accessed.

  • Staging Explorer will not let you mount an .iso image file from a disc.

  • No more than 10 million files can be set to transfer at once.


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