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Searching for Emojis in Relativity

A Relativity admin can make it possible to search for emojis in a Relativity workspace. A dtSearch index can be edited to include a special code that will enable the ability to search for a range of different emojis.

An existing dtSearch index can be edited. On the Alphabet tab , in the section marked '[End]' the following code can be entered:

TokenCharRanges32 = 1f000-1f0ff 1f300-1f6ff 1f700-1f77f 1f900-1f9ff

After the index is saved, it will be necessary to build the full index. Click on the option on the console to the right.

The process may take some time.

When the index is rebuilt, it will be possible to enter the image of an emoji and then locate it the extracted text of any document in the search results. Press the Windows key + period to bring up an emoji chart.


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