Republishing Errored Files in Relativity

In Relativity Processing, an admin has the ability on the Files tab to see different views with a list of all documents for discovery; deleted files; and errored files before they are deduplicated and published to the workspace. Errored files, such as corrupt files or password protected files, can be republished, but without the extracted text or metadata.

A specific error is stated for errored files, and a separate field will indicate the phase in which the error occurred.

The square icons with a upwards, right pointing arrow in the Details column can be clicked on in order to see specific metadata for each file, and a list of the processing errors for the file and when they took place.

Discovered files can be republished by selecting the option in the mass operations menu.

.PST archives, .ZIP files, and files identified as duplicates cannot be republished. Repulishing must be performed to publish any errored files that have been retried. An overlay will be performed, and only one version of each file will remain.

Deleted files will be excluded from processing.