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Remote Desktop Client Ends with 2023

Heads up to everyone out there that Relativity will discontinue support for Remote Desktop Client at the end of this year. In place of RDC, admins will now rely on the Import/Export application to load documents and metadata and send exports from workspaces.

The Import/Export application includes an Express Transfer function which can process files of more than 20 GB, and can queue multiple import jobs. There is some anxiety among Relativity admins about the demise of RDC. Concerns raised in the Relativity hosted community for admins, include the new application being case sensitive when processing load files [it will error if a load file references an image file in lower case text but the file names are in upper case - RDC was not case sensitive], and the inability to import OCR text into a field other than 'Extracted Text'. Other admins report that Import/Export will often crash when importing large jobs that RDC could handle.

Relativity has reported that it is working on fixing these problems.


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