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RelativityOne's Redact

Keep in mind the following about RelativityOne's new redact function.

  • Redact will store a record of the original version of a document that is redacted for a production set.

  • After a cell is redacted, most of the formatting in the cell will be retained. The cell border and color fill will not be lost. However only the format settings for the first word in the cell will be saved. Other variations to the font, font size, and text color for subsequent words will be lost.

  • While Redact will facilitate the redaction of Excel files, it is not possible to use it to redact .csv files.

  • Users with access to Redact will be able to use these mass operations:

    1. Convert spreadsheet markups - this changes all redactions to highlights, or vice versa.

    2. Revert redactions for native files

    3. Remove hidden content in Excel files.


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