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More on Travel Routers - Bridge Mode

Here's a simple tip with more on the September 23, 2020 Tip of the Night on Travel Routers.

Keep in mind that most people will operate travel routers through an app on their smartphones. So in order to make this work, you connect your phone to the wifi network for the router. This will initially mean that the phone will be temporarily offline, if you are using the travel router as a bridge for wifi, and not as an access point with an ethernet cable plugged into the travel router run from a modem.

Use the app for the travel router to connect to the wifi network in your workspace - NOT the regular system settings on your iPhone or Android. This will not only allow the travel router to act as a bridge for other devices that want to use the travel router's extended wifi network, but it will also put your phone back online.

Bridge mode wifi speed will be 50% of the wifi speed available when the travel router is used as an access point.

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