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Travel Routers

If you're travelling for work, consider using a portable travel router. These little gadgets can enhance the coverage provided by a wifi network, and secure your connection with a VPN for multiple devices. They are often pocket size, and can easily be used on the go. If you're working with a team that is moving between locations, each member can stay connected to the router, rather than having everyone connect to various wifi networks. It's only necessary to connect the travel router to each new wifi network.

Some travel routers allow you to connect and share data on an external hard drive, and some have SIM card slots so you can work independently of wifi networks. If the travel router has an ethernet port, a single network cable can provide a wireless connection for multiple devices.

In a pinch, you can slso use travel routers to charge a smartphone.

Not every travel router will provide you with an entirely secure connection. Make sure that you get one that does not have a hardcoded password, and select a strong password for the travel router.


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