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Load and Run times in RelativityOne

RelativityOne users will have access to an Activity Dashboard which includes a tab used to track user performance. For all workspaces the user has access to in a individual Relativity instance the Activity Dashboard tracks:

1. How long it takes to load native files and images.

2. How long it takes to run document queries.

3. The number of active users over the past hour in the Relativity instance.

Relativity uses a green, yellow, and red coding system to indicate the speed at which documents load and queries run.

A native file should take no longer than 1.5 seconds to load, and a document image should not take longer than 4 seconds.

A query that returns more than 500 documents will only be in the 'red zone' if it takes longer than 14 seconds to load, but RelativityOne will categorize all queries which take longer than 2 seconds as 'long-running queries'.

The doc-to-doc time chart tracks how many views were loaded for images, native files, produced images, and text that took a certain number of seconds to load. So in this example:

. . . we can see that almost 9,000 natives files took just over 1-2 seconds to load. Of the documents which took more than 34 seconds to load, most were images but there were only a small number of these. A small number of native files took between 51 and 68 seconds to load.

The average doc-to-doc time chart shows the average time images, native files, produced documents, and text files have taken to load over the past 30 days, and how long they are currently taking to load - over the past 60 minutes.

An 'Hours Logged In' chart shows how many hours all users were in the workspace over the past month.

The Daily History table shows how many users, logged in hours, document views, queries, and long-running queries were logged each day over the past month.

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