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Getting the Cost of ECA Down in Relativity

The Tip of the Night for January 3, 2021, discussed Early Case Assessment using the Relativity repository workspace application, which allows data to be hosted at reduced fees, without the full functionality of a standard workspace.

Some RelativityOne tools will remain active in the repository workspace, including structured analytics, dtSearch, and conceptual analytics. However, assisted review [TAR], active learning [CAL}, mass save as PDF operations, and all custom applications will not be enabled.

When a data set is ready to move back to a standard workspace for document view, a saved search should be created which includes all of the documents to be transferred via a Relativity Integration Point.

The cost of Early Case Assessment can be reduced by using links to the standard workspace, rather than by preparing duplicates for the standard workspace. If duplicates are used, Relativity will double bill for the data in the repository workspace, and the standard workspace used for review.


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