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Finding Abandoned Families in Active Learning Projects

In an Active Learning project if a reviewer, while in the course of reviewing a family of documents for a prioritized review, is taken off a project, the unreviewed documents from the family may become 'abandoned', and will not be fully coded.

When managing an Active Learning project, you should search for any such abandoned family documents for an Active Learning project by running the following searches.

First create a search to find documents that have been reviewed for an Active Learning project and return the results with their family. Look for a field with the name of the Active Learning project and 'Reviewed On'. In this example the Active Learning project was named, 'Movie Westerns'. This field contains the date and time at which a document was reviewed.

Second, create another search which includes the results of the first; does not include family documents; and excludes entries for the same field, <Project Name> Reviewed On - use the 'not set' option.

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