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Field for Responsive Designations in an Active Learning Project Can Have More Than Two Choices

Note that in the current version of Relativity, when you are setting up an Active Learning field, you are no longer limited to selecting a Review Field (the field for responsive and non-responsive coding) that only has two possible choices. An update made in 2022 now permits you to allow a user to select from more than two choices as options for this field. The field type must be set to 'single choice', not 'multiple choice' . . .

. . . but you can add more than two choices to be the option for the single selected choice in the field:

On the Relativity Analytics Study Resources page, the training video on Administering an Active Learning Project , which is listed in the current version of the Relativity Analytics Specialist Study Resources guide as a resource still references the prior version and will instruct you that the Review field for Active Learning can only have two choices.

. . . and the Assisted Review Active Learning Guide for Server 2022, dated April 26, 2023 states that:

. . . BUT the Relativity Help page on Creating an Active Learning project states that:

Active Learning requires a single choice field with at least two choices for reviewers to code on. One choice must represent the positive/responsive designation, and another must represent the negative/not responsive designation. Any additional choices will be considered neutral, and they will not be used to train the Active Learning model.


I raised this discrepancy with Relativity support this week and they confirmed that the training materials are outdated and that you can indeed have a 'neutral' choice linked to the Review Field selected for an Active Learning project.

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