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Expanding on keyword expansion

Don't miss that when you are running keyword expansion from the Document tab in Relativity, you can expand on a kewyord in the in conceptual keywords expansion window.

After selecting a conceptual analytics index when running an index search, an Expand link will appear in the search window:

If you click on Expand, the keyword expansion window will open. When you enter a term in this window, assuming the term is included in the index's training data source, Relativity will show other terms correlated to your term in its spatial index. Words with a coherence score of 50 or greater may be returned.

In this example the keyword 'enron' is shown to be closely related to five other terms within the text of the documents used to train the analytics index. When we click on the word 'baxter' in this list, the keyword expansion list will update to show the keyword terms that are correlated to in the analytics index.

You can check off terms and then use the 'Copy Selected Keywords' button at the bottom of the window to generate a Boolean search to use in an Index Search.

You can add or remove filters on the search results. If you want to filter by a number range in the Rank field, use >= OR <= . > OR < by themselves will result in a syntax error.

This screen grab shows the process in action.


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