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Dial visualizations with Relativity analytics

Relativity analytics includes a new tool called dial visualization that can help you get a quick overview of how documents are coded in a workspace.

Begin by selecting the Cluster visualizations dashboard.

Right click on a cluster and select 'View Dial'.

The relative proportion of each cluster will be easier to discern on the dial. The top level clusters will be arranged along the inner ring.

Clicking on a widget on the dashboard linked to clusters will cause the dial to update. So in this example if the documents tagged hot in the pie chart are clicked, the dial will update to correspondingly shade those clusters which contain more documents that are coded hot.

Clicking on an individual cluster will drill down to greater detail for a cluster.

If you right click, you will have the option to switch to the nearby cluster view. Here, it's possible to pinpoint clusters which are not similarly coded to the cluster you have focused on.

It's possible to remove the condition placed on the visualization by clicking on the drop down menu at the upper left:

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