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detect whether or not text was generated by AI

It's becoming more and more common to come across text on the internet which appears as though it may have been written by AI. You may question the usefulness of the information, which may simply serve as clickbait, or want to avoid using it as a source in a legal filing. There are several services which can help determine if text was created by an artificial intelligence program. GPTZero, , will let you test a limited amount of text for free. It appears to be reliable.

Back on February 11, 2023, I posted about using ChatGPT to help solve litigation support problems. See this post.

I tested the answer that ChatGPT gave when I asked it to explain the EDRM.

GPTZero found that 11 of 18 sentences used in the answer were generated by AI, although oddly it said that there was an only 1% probability of the answer being AI text.

When I tested some text on a travel guide site that I thought was suspicious, it gave the same probability result, but more to the point did not think that any of the sentences were AI text.

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