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Changing the Location of an Analytics Index

An admin can change the location of an analytics index or a structured analytics set from their original location on a server. The indexes and structured analytics sets must be in the same location, and only one location can be used for both. While the move occurs, analytics operations cannot be run.

On the server, the admin has to log into Analytics REST (Representational State Transfer). REST is an API which can be used to create applications, and to access resources using template URLs. Template URLs provide a means to re-write HTML content.

Before proceeding with the relocation, the Content Analyst (CAAT) Relativity Analytics Engine Window service must be stopped.

The data may or may not be stored in a single date directory mode. The admin will be able to determine which mode it is in using REST. If it is in single data directory mode the device will be designated single-data-directory.

When data is in single data directory mode, the indexes and sets are copied from the original location to the new location - including any empty folders. The complete structure must be maintained. The new location should have a folder named .ufx; a file named '.initialized', and folders for prior indexes and sets:

In the C:\CAAT\etc directory, a file named '' will have to be edited so that the new index location is referenced.

If it is not in single data directory mode, the full contents, with subfolders, of these locations on the server:

  • C:\CAAT\data-default

  • C:\CAAT\indexes;

  • C:\CAAT\staging)

. . . must be copied to the new location. A number of steps must be taken but in general the link at C:\CAAT\device-links is deleted, and a new index location is designated.


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