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Searching for symbols in Relativity

You can modify a dtSearch index to make it possible to search for symbols in a Relativity workspace.

1. Under Index Admin, select Search Indexes. Edit a dtSearch index.

2. Scroll down to the Alphabet section and below where is says "[Letters] // Original letter, lower case, upper case, unaccented" enter the symbol you want to search for four times preceded by a space each time. Begin with a leading blank space but do not end with a blank space. For example: % % % %

3. Scroll down within the alphabet section and under the [Ignore] subsection remove the symbol:

. . . some symbols may be in the [Spaces] or [Hyphens] subsections.

4. Rebuild the dtSearch index.

If you're searching for a percent symbol % you need to run a RegEx search in the dtSearch index using this format:


. . . the u0025 signifies the unicode character for the percent symbol. %

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