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Relativity and JVM RAM

You can improve the performance of Relativity analytics operations by increasing the amount of RAM available for Java. The Java heap is the amount of memory allocated to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The JVM is a program that executes other programs written in Java.

Relativity recommends that servers which are used for indexing and structured analytics allocate about 50% of available RAM to Java. This setting should be increased to 75% if only structured analytics is being performed. Only a third of total RAM should be assigned to the Java heap if a server is used only for indexing.

A server will need an amount of RAM in bytes equal to 6000 times the number of documents involved in an index build. So, a training set of a million documents for an index build will require 6 GB of RAM. The same equation applies for calculating the Java heap size needed for a structured analytics set.

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