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Relativity Collect

Relativity Collect is an application for RelativityOne, which can assist with the collection of email and documents from Office 365. When collecting data directly from OneDrive or Outlook, the admin must first set a custodian.

At the second stage search criteria are designated.

While wildcard and proximity searches cannot be run, any words which begin with a keyword will be returned in the results. For example, the keyword 'court' will return files using 'courthouse' or 'courtroom'. Multiple criteria can be used. The Office 365 index of electronic files is searched rather than the files themselves.

Searches in OneDrive can be set for specific file extensions and files created in a particular date range. Searches can be set on the file name and file path fields as well.

The standard email metadata fields can also be searched, as well as the body of the email. The attachment content cannot be searched, but there is a setting to return emails with or without attachments.

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