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Running Name Normalization in Structured Analytics

To run name normalization in Relativity to identify email aliases, follow these steps:

1. Under Indexing & Analytics, create a new Structured Analytics set.

2. Enter a name and prefix for the set.

3. The document set to analyze should include all emails in the workspace. Documents with more than 30 MB of extracted text will be automatically excluded.

4. Check off the box for the 'name normalization' operation.

5. A profile must be selected which has each of the email header fields mapped to it.

6. Note that you can choose to set the radial dial for the email header fields to 'No' and just run name normalization on the extracted text.

7. Save the set. In the console on the right, you'll have the option to run the structured analytics set. You will be prompted to either run on the full set or just newly added documents. In a new set, all documents will be analyzed no matter what option is selected at this point.

8. Tonight it only took Relativity about four minutes to find more than 2900 email aliases in a set of about 1600 emails.

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