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Name Normalization

Structured Analytics in Relativity allows you to run name normalization in order to identify aliases of email addresses and the groups those emails addresses are from.

Name normalization will parse aliases in email headers by semi-colons. It will look for names listed with email addresses in these familiar formats:

"Lincoln, Abraham" <>

'Lincoln, Abraham' <>

Lincoln, Abraham <>

'Lincoln, Abraham' []

Lincoln, Abraham []

So, in any one of these examples, Relativity will associate three aliases with the same entity. E.g.,

1. "Lincoln, Abraham" <>

2. Lincoln, Abraham


Relativity will join email addresses listing an identical name to the entities that have already been set up for different email addresses. So:

"Lincoln, Abraham" <>

. . . will be joined to the same entity as "Lincoln, Abraham" <>.

Relativity will also perform segment matching to help associate email aliases with one another. Segment matching reviews emails sent on the same date, with the same body to see if email addresses in the header fields can be joined to the same entity.

Relativity recommends using a separate structure analytics set for name normalization.

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