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Creating a Searchable Set for an Analytics Index

When creating a saved search for searchable set (as opposed to a training set) to be used with an analytics index in Relativity (whether a classification index for active learning, or a conceptual index for clustering or categorization) be sure to follow these guidelines:

1. Index only the 'authored' parts of documents - not system metadata.

2. If more than just the Extracted Text field is used as a column in a saved search, then try to use as few additional fields as possible. It may also be appropriate to include translated text.

3. Single choice, multiple choice, and multiple object fields should not be included.

4. Exclude zip files, system files, graphic and image files.

5. Excel spreadsheets which mainly consist of numbers should excluded.

Relativity analytics will group email addresses together in clusters if email to / from / cc fields are included in the searchable set's saved search. Words beginning with a number, for example 1st, are excluded from an analytics index.

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