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Testing Out Slack

If you're curious about the popular collaboration software Slack, you can download a free version for Windows 10 here. You are given the option to create your own workspace.

The free version of Slack will give you a general idea of how it works. When attachments are shared with other members of the group, they will get a preview of the attachment's content.

The application allows for far more integration between users. An individual user can indicate to the group whether or not they are currently working.

Analytics will show which messages are being read in private and public channels.

Slack can be set to remind you about specific posts.

New threads can be started which are based on individual posts.

As with Twitter, individual users can be linked to by preceding their name with the @ symbol. The Activity section (activated by clicking on the @ symbol in the top right) will show when you have been mentioned or when designated keywords have been used on Slack.

Phone calls can be initiated through Slack, direct messages can be sent between users, and individual posts can be reacted to with emojis.

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