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Document Review and Relativity Analytics

Relativity recommends that its analytics tools be used in particular ways in different document review scenarios.

1. Document Review with Time and Subject Matter Constraints

Relativity suggests using clustering in a situation where there are a large number of documents (more than 40K); little time to conduct document review; and no subject matter expert. Follow these basic steps:

A. Batch documents group in clusters and assign them to reviewers, having each reviewer work on documents from a single cluster.

B. Bulk code clusters of documents.

C. Eliminate clusters of clearly irrelevant documents - junk emails, etc.

2. Finding Hot Documents

If a client's production has been fully reviewed, issue coded, and hot documents have been flagged, Relativity recommends using categorization to find hot documents in an opposing production quickly.

A. Create a categorization set. Use the issue field for the client production to generate categories and select example documents.

B. Set the synchronization option for the categorization set.

C. Use the categorization set to categorize the opposing production - Synchronization will automatically create categories based on the issue field choices and automatically designate example records.

D. Opposing production documents similar to those in the examples will be automatically grouped together.

3. Finding Privileged Documents

You can use Analytics to find privileged documents prior to production, if you've already located some privileged documents and designated some documents as responsive.

A. Set the view created for the privilege log, and then right click to select 'Find Similar Documents' in the document viewer.

B. Set the Privilege field to 'Not Set' and filter, when reviewing the similar documents.

4. Finding Unknown Relevant Terms

Keyword expansion can be used to find unknown relevant terms, if other keywords for a document set have already been determined.

A. Right click and select Keyword Expansion in the extracted text for a record in the document viewer to find conceptually related terms.

B. On the search panel select the Index Search as the condition, and then select an analytics index. Enter one or more search terms and then click Expand to show a list of keywords which will each be assigned a rank value.

The terms shown in the Conceptual Keyword Expansion dialog are hyperlinked and can be clicked on to run searches.

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