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Interrupting a mass PDF export to save one document

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of running a mass operation to save many documents as PDFs and wish you could save one (or several) document right away?

Relativity uses a worker manager server to generate PDFs of documents. An admin can set queue priorities in a Relativity environment for the save as PDF function, even when a business or firm does not have a license for processing.

A Relativity environment will have a Server tab the admin can access. On this tab will be a list of servers. Clicking the worker manager server will give the admin access to edit information for the server and set priorities. Among the priorities are those for saving a single document as a PDF and using the mass operation to save multiple documents as PDFs.

Assigning a lower number will result in a job being run sooner than those with a higher number. The admin can give users the ability to put large jobs on hold and get select documents quickly.

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