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WinZip error - central and local directory mismatch

When opening a compressed file with the extension zip using WinZip you may encounter the following error:

The full error will read in detailed diagnostics, "Central and local directory mismatch for file "acmeco/" (compressed size - local: 4294967295 central: 0). Severe Error: Local and central compressed size values don't match.".

A zip file is structured to have file headers preceding each file entry, followed at the end by a central directory. The central directory lists the file entries and associated metadata, keeping track of each file's location. Each file header must be matched by a central directory header. The central directory allows for a list of the files to be generated very quickly after the compressed file is opened, without the need for the software to read each actual file.

I was able to get around this problem and successfully unzip by opening the zip file in Windows Explorer rather than WinZip. Simply right click on the file and choose the option to open it with Windows Explorer.

Hard to say what's going on but it looks like Windows Explorer can keep track of the file header information in a way WinZip 16.5 can't.

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