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Name Normalization

Structured Analytics in the new version 10.0 of Relativity includes name normalization which can be used to automatically account for the various formats of an email address. Name Normalization will analyze email headers in all segments in an email document and identify aliases separated with a semi-colon.

When one of these email formats is used:

"Snow, Jon" <>

'Snow, Jon' <>

Snow, Jon <>

'Snow, Jon' []

Snow, Jon []

. . . Relativity will assign three aliases to an entity:

"Snow, Jon" <>

Snow, Jon

Different email addresses may be assigned to the same entity, and an alias may also be manually input. When entering a new alias, one must assign one of the following six domains:

1. Proper Name: Jon Snow

2. Email Address:

3. Extended Email Address: Snow, Jon []

4. Exchange: X500 and X400 formats: </O=WINTERFELL/OU=NA/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=JSNOW>

5. Phone Number - 212-999-1000

6. Undefined

Relativity will also compare email segments to try to determine if aliases should belong to the same entity. If two email segments have the same subject, body, and date, two similar email aliases may be assigned to the same entity.

The mass operation, 'Assign to Entity' can be used to assign multiple aliases to an entity.

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