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Estimating Database Diskspace

Relativity admins who want a rough estimate of how much database diskspace their workspace is using can use the rule of thumb that every 100,000 documents will take up 10 GB. This posting on the Relativity site on infrastructure planning consideration lists this rule of thumb, which Relativity calculated using reports for more than 10,000 workspaces. The database diskspace is on average one third of the size of the images and native files in a workpsace.

An admin can use a 'Billing statistics - case rollup script' to calculate the total size of files in a workspace. The script will give specific figures in GBs for the size of SQL master database files (MDF); SQL log database files (LDF); and the size of the SQL index. This script comes preinstalled in every Relativity environment. The MDF file contains the data shown in fields, rows and columns. The LDF file is used to track user activity.

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