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Analytics Profile: Don't Select Outlook Conversation ID

The Tip of the Night for September 14, 2016 discussed how Outlook Conversation IDs can be used to group emails from the same thread together in a Relativity workspace. While working with Conversation IDs can be very helpful, note that Relativity recommends that the Conversation ID field not be selected when setting up an Analytics profile for email threading.

If an admin sets up a profile with the Conversation ID field selected, Relativity will group together emails with the same IDs even if their extracted text is different. The Analytics Guide for version 9.5 states that, "The Conversation ID is not typically recommended, as inaccurate Conversation ID data can harm email threading results (and even when it works correctly, it can join together very different email conversations). It is recommended to run email threading without mapping this field."

Be sure that your admin doesn't the very understandable mistake of selecting a field for each of the email meta data fields in a draft analytics profile:

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