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Creating an Analytics Index

Okay Relativity admins, here's how we create an Analytics Index.

Analytics is based on the mathematical review of documents and does not rely on word lists or the word order in the documents. Documents are mapped in a spatial index. Analytics indexes are used for categorization sets; clustering; concept searching; keyword expansion; and similar document detection.

Under Indexing & Analytics, select Analytics Index. Click on 'New Analytics Index'. Be sure to click open the 'Advanced Settings' section.

1. Enter a name. Existing indexes can be selected in a drop down menu in the index field.

2. Order - this will simply set the order of the index in the drop down menu.

3. Index Type - Classification uses Support Vector Machine to show how terms are related to categories. Conceptual - uses Latent Semantic Indexing to discover concepts between documents.

4. Searchable Set - these are the documents to be searched - they should be in an optimized saved search. Documents greater than 30 MB should not be included.

5. Training Set - the document set from which the Analytics engine will learn word relationships to create the concept index. It will only use documents whose extracted text field is less than 2 MB. Excel spreadsheets; system files; zip files; image files; and documents with poor OCR or no text should be excluded. Metadata fields should not be included. It should be a saved search with only extracted text.

6. Optimized Training Set - if set to 'Yes' only conceptually useful documents will be used in the training set to generate the index. Systems files; documents composed mainly of numbers; and very short or very long documents will automatically removed.

Email signatures and footers can also be excluded from the training set.

After saving the index, click 'Populate Index: Full'. This will add the documents in the training set to the ready to index list.

After the population process is completed, when new documents are added to be reviewed, an incremental build can be performed. The next step is to build the index.

Lastly queries should be enabled . . .

. . . and then the Index should be activated. The index will then be searchable.

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