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Analytics Categorization Sets

Relativity admins can create Analytics Categorization Sets which use example documents to group together conceptually similar documents. Documents may be assigned to more than one category - up to a maximum of five. The admin can limit the number of categories to which a document may be assigned to less than five. When multiple examples are used for a single category, each functions as a query and the categorized documents are the combined hits. No more than 50,000 examples can be used for a single category. At least 5-20 example documents should be assigned to each category. A workspace containing a million or more documents may typically need a few thousand examples for each category.

Documents used as examples should focus on a single concept and have at least two full paragraphs which concern the concept. There should not be irrelevant headers or footers, or a lot of bad OCR text.

The Analytics Categorization Set tab appears under Indexing & Analytics.

A saved search should be created for the documents to be categorized. An Analytics index must be set up before a categorization set is created. The minimum coherence score indicates how similar a document must be in order to be placed in same category as the example document.

A single or multiple choice field can be created to serve as the 'category source', and then individual choices should be added to it for each category. The 'Example Indicator Field' is a Yes/No field. Any documents marked 'Yes' will serve as examples. When 'Auto Synchronize on Categorize All' is set to 'Yes' the value selected for the 'Categories and Example Source' will be used to automatically create categories. Categories and example documents can also be manually added. Text can be entered to serve as an example rather than using a complete document.

Note that when reviewing a document in the Viewer, you have the option to right click on the text and select Analytics Categorization . . . Add Document As Example OR Add Excerpt As Example.

Categories and Examples must be added for a set before the 'Categorize All Documents' option can be activated on the console.

After the documents are categorized, a field will be created with the name of the categorization set, and another field, 'Category Rank' with the numerical rank of each document.

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