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Textual Near Duplicates

A Relativity admin can run a Textual Near Duplicates Summary to get metrics on the number of near duplicates in a document set.

Under Indexing & Analytics, set up a new Structured Analytics Set. Select a document set to analyze, and check off 'Textual near duplicate identification' as the operation.

You can designate the degree of similarity between documents to be regarded as near dupes and also choose whether or not to include numbers in the review.

From the console on the right, run structured analytics.

You'll have the option to analyze only new documents added to the set.

The analysis will be run, and the results will be imported into Relativity

Afterwards, on the right console click, ' View Textual Near Duplicates Summary'

The summary will indicate how many groups of near dupes there are, and also indicate the average degree of similarity.

The 'Total number of documents' indicates the total number of documents in the textual near duplicate groups.

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