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Augmented Views for Hits in Your Relativity Document list

Don't miss a basic feature in Relativity which will allow you to update the entries in a document list with additional relevant material. To the right of the main document view bar drop down menu, there is a another section which allows you to add related documents.

In this example, you can see that we have the option to add duplicates and documents from the same family to the document list:

Relativity 9.4 also gives you the option to add Textual Near Duplicates - documents that are similar but not identical. These are paired with 'Textual Near Duplicate Principal' and 'Textual Near Duplicate Similarity' field. The former field will just indicate if a document in the list is an 'anchor' for a set of near dupes - or the one in the set that has the most text. The latter field, indicates by what percent the other documents in a given set match the anchor document.

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