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Conversation Index Parsing in Relativity

As discussed in the Tip of the Night for September 9, 2016, Outlook metadata may contain a Conversation ID which identifies emails from the same thread. The Conversation field itself is the subject line. The Conversation Family is a 44 character alphanumeric code associated with the first email. The Conversation ID or Conversation Index consists of the initial 44 character, plus 10 more characters added for each reply.

Relativity includes a means to parse out the conversation family code, when you are working with data that just contains Conversation index.

Follow these steps to create a transform set for conversation index parsing

1. Create a new fixed length text field on the document object to hold the Conversation Family code.

2. Make the field relational, and set its relational view to 'Family Documents'

3. Create a new saved search for all records for which the Conversation Index (ID) 'is set', or has at least one entry.

4. Click on the Transform Set parent tab and click 'New Transform Set' . Select the saved search as the data sources and choose 'Conversation Index Parsing' as the handler.

5. After saving, click on the Transform Set you've just created and click new in the Transform section.

6. Put the Conversation ID (Index) field which already contains the code as the source field, and the field created in step 1 as the destination field.

On the console run the transform . . .

When the resulting Conversation Family is added to a Document View you can see that the 44 character code is now displayed by itself.

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