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Execution Time for Queries in Relativity

Well this is more like a tip of the morning, than a tip of the night this time, but here's a tip for you Relativity administrators out there.

If you need to find all of the queries in a Relativity workspace that have taken longer than a certain period of time to run, there is a system field called 'Execution Time' that you can search in.

1. Begin by simply going to Administration . . . History.

2. Click on the Plus Sign next to the View menu at the top left of the window.

3. Make sure the object type is set to History.

4. Select the available fields including 'Execution Time'

5. The 'Execution Time' value is given milliseconds. So if you'd want to see how many queries took longer than 1 second to execute you'd enter '1000' as the value for the Condition 'Execution Time' is greater than.

6. Enter your sort settings.

7. After saving, you'll now be able to select the new View from the drop down menu on the History child tab. You'll get a list which will include links to the text of the queries.

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