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Relativity Filters

Relativity uses six different filter types which you can use on document lists (or other object lists), and each of the filters will only function on certain field types.

1. Boolean Filters only work with Yes/No fields, such 'Has Native' which indicate whether or not a record has a native file. You just click on a drop down menu, and select either 'Yes', 'No', or blank. Blank indicates that a value has not yet been assigned.

2. The Custom only filter lets users a combination of advanced filters and Boolean operators. (Think of the advanced filters in Excel). With the advanced filter options you can select a range of options from the drop down menu (equals; does not equal; is greater than; is less than; begins with; does not begin with; ends with, and so forth)

It is only available for fixed length text fields; number (whole, currency, decimal) fields; and date fields.

3. List Filters can only be used with single/multiple choice; fixed length text; and number fields. You simply select from a drop down list.

4. Multilist filters are only available for single/multiple choice fields. You can check off selections and use AND or OR operators.

5. Popup picker filters are only available for choice (single/multiple) and object (single/multiple) fields. A new window will open and you add selections from 'Available Items' to 'Selected Items'.

6. A Text Box filter is available for fixed length, long text, date, number, and object (single/multiple) fields. You can enter a variety of Boolean operators (AND, OR, BETWEEN, =, >=, <=) in this filter to get the results you want.

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