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Relativity Binders

Relativity Binders is an app for iPad and other tablets which allows users to pull documents from Relativity. With the app you can tag key pages in the documents added to these virtual binders; access the downloaded documents offline; and exchange highlighted or annotated documents with the other members of your legal team.

Relativity Binders must first be created in the regular version of the database on a PC desktop or laptop. The documents added to a binder are first converted to PDFs. At least in Relativity 9.3 the Binders admin tab will not appear by default. In order to install it follow these steps:

1. Go to the Application Library tab under the Applications & Scripts parent tab.

2. Click Binders

3. In the 'Workspace Installed' section, click on Install, and the add the workspace in which you want to use binders.

4. After the binders application has installed go to the Server & Agent Management parent tab and then select Agents.

5. Click 'New Agent' and then select the ellipses next to Agent Type and filter for Binder.

6. In succession install the Binder Manager and the Binder Worker agents. Select an Agent Server for each and accept the other default settings.

7. In your workspace you should now see a new Binder tab.

8. On this tab you can click 'New Binder' , and then select saved searches as data sources. It's not necessary to make any other settings other than giving the binder a name. After click save, be sure to click on 'Build Binder: Full'.

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