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Getting Rid of NBSP Codes

In Relativity under the Imaging tab and the Imaging Profiles subtab if you select the 'Native' radial button in the Imaging Method section, you'll see the options for HTML files appear. Here you have the choice to 'Remove non-breaking space (NBSP) codes.

What are such codes? In HTML a blank space will not be interpreted as actual space. You need to enter a special code, &nbsp , in order to signify that an empty space should appear.

See this example where the html text just has multiple white spaces between the words, "Litigation Support Tip of the Night"

. . . the html code is displayed in IE without the multiple spaces:

However when html code is entered this way:

. . . IE will show the additional spaces.

Relativity removes &nbsp codes so that they don't prevent the text from wrapping correctly. In a text editor these codes will show up as a hallow circle - something you have have come across before . . .

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