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Tip for Relativity Database Administrators

Here' s a tip for you Relativity database administrators out there. The total data size of fixed length text fields used for metadata in a Relativity database cannot be more than 8.06 KB. If this maximum is exceeded the database will not perform smoothly. In order to check this size go to the Administration tab, the Object Type subtab, and then scroll down to the control panel. It will show the percent of the 8.06 KB max that has been used.

Fixed length text fields cannot exceed 4999 characters if they are ASCII text, or 4000 characters if they are Unicode text. If you use a long text field more than 4999 characters can be used. A long text field cannot be more than 2 GB. To change the default for the long text field go to Instance Settings . . . .MaximumLongTextSizeForExportInCell, and then click edit.

You can see that the value for this instance is given in characters. The number of characters in 2GB is 2,147,483,648

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