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Mass Ops in Relativity

Most Relativity users will be familiar with the four standard mass operations which are available in the little drop down menu below the document list to the left.

Print Images


Export to File

Save as PDF

The Export to File option, will export selected documents metadata to a file; Tally/Sum/Average will run calculations on values entered a field you select.

However be aware that your system admin can make additional mass operations available for your use.





Send to Case Map


Process Transcript

Save as List


The replace option will allow you to replace an entire field; append to the end of it; or insert information at the beginning of a field.

Cluster will create groups of conceptually similar documents. Process transcript simply finds page breaks and then generates a word index. Save as List generates a list that you can access later inside Relativity. Convert will create HTML5 formatted versions of the documents, so that they don't have to be generated when each document is accessed.

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