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Searching for Dates in Relativity

When running searches in Relativity, it's best practice to create a dtSearch index that only indexes the fields in which you are searching. So just add the fields you want to index to the right box in the fields section, and then save the search.

You then go to the Search Indexes menu and click 'New dtSearch Index' and pick your saved search as the Searchable set. At this point, be sure to select the option to 'Auto-recognize date, email, and credit card numbers'.

Then when running a search term report off the Reporting tab . . . Search Terms Reports tab, when modifying terms, you can enter a search for a date in this format: date(July 4, 1976) and different formats of that date will show up in the search results:

July 4, 1976

4 Jul 76




The fourth of July, nineteen seventy six.

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