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Relativity Certification Training Materials

If you have an account for kCura's Relativity, even at the user level, you should be able to access training materials needed for certifications in Relativity on this site. The study materials consist of workbooks, quizzes, webinars, and sample data that you'll need to get certification as an administrator, analytics specialist, infrastructure specialist, processing specialist, review specialist, assisted review specialist, or project management specialist. While the sales professional test is free, and the review specialist exam is $150, all of the other exams cost $250. The exams are give several times each year in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston/Dallas, New York,Boston, London, Atlanta, and Washington, DC.

Further materials are available at the Relativity Training Center. Free, on-demand videos are available at the beginner, intermediate and advance levels. In person training costs $1000 and is held in the same cities where one can take the exam. Live, free webinars are given in various subject areas each week.

The Exam Workbook for the Relativity Certified Administrator exam is 77 pages long, and includes quizzes at the end of the five chapters on Creation and Data Loading; Setup, Reporting and Searching; Review Management; Production and Export; and Enhancements and Troubleshooting. An Excel spreadsheet outlines a 3 month study plan, showing students how many hours they need to devote to a variety of tasks.

If your firm or business makes use of Relativity, take advantage of these excellent materials tonight!

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