Westlaw's Drafting Assistant

Don't miss that your Westlaw subscription may include Drafting Assistant. With Thomson Reuters's Drafting Assistant you can either upload a Word document here: https://drafting.westlaw.com/Site#/upload

. . . or install an add-in for MS Word which is available here: http://info.legalsolutions.thomsonreuters.com/software/westlaw-drafting-assistant/default.aspx .

The add-in should appear under a new tab named 'Thomson Reuters' in your Ribbon menu. Click on the 'Drafting Assistant' button and a panel will open where you click on an option to 'WestCheck'. This feature will let you extract a full list of citations from a brief, and then jump to the full text of each cited decision or statute.

From the list of extracted cites you will be able to jump to each instance of the citation in the brief, including short form versions.

A full report can be generated in PDF format which includes each case.