Turn Windows features on or off

In Windows 10, in the 'Programs and Features' settings, you'll see an option to 'Turn Windows features on or off'. Many of these features should only be enabled as you need them in order to avoid needlessly slowing down system performance.

One of the more interesting features is 'Windows Subsystem for Linux' which you can use to run Linux software. Of more practical importance for the litigation support professional are those under 'Print and Document Services'. These are necessary for printing on a network using certain protocols. If you want to connect a phone line to your PC and use it to send faxes, you'll need to check off 'Windows Fax and Scan'. The 'Microsoft Print to PDF' feature is very handy and will let you convert any document to a PDF file.

I have noticed that a few websites still work better using Internet Explorer. So while Microsoft no longer supports it, you can enable it here if you really need it.

There's also an option to enable version 2.0 of PowerShell. Scripts written for this version are not backward compatible with the newer versions of PowerShell, the latest being PowerShell 7.