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Troubleshooting Problems with a printer network connection

Recently while working on a trial, I had trouble sending jobs to a copier/printer which was set up in a hotel for a trial. Jobs sent from a virtual desktop usually didn't work, and even jobs sent locally from my laptop also often failed. I was able to solve the problem by updating the driver, and also by manually inputting the IP address for the printers. These are the steps that I followed.

1. In Windows, I located the printer (just search for Printers and Scanners, select the printer and click manage) and entered 'Printer Properties'.

2. Under Properties, on the Advanced Tab, I had to reset the driver to that for the Konica Minolta printer. It had been changed to 'Microsoft IPP Class Driver'. Click Apply after selecting the right driver.

3. Next, I went to the Ports tab, and then selected ‘Add Port’. Next I selected ‘Standard TCP/IP Port’ and then clicked ‘New Port’

4. In the wizard that came up, I entered the IP address for the copier/printer.

5. After going through the wizard and finishing, I clicked apply and then went to printing preferences for the printer. It's a good idea to set the preferences for the stapling and hole punching functions I was most likely to use while in the virtual desktop. In the virtual environment, these options were disabled.


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