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Trello - the new collaborative project management application

The Trello software is designed to keep track of projects in various stages of progress, or categorize them by type, in a Kanban format. A Kanban bulletin board places projects in any of one of several columns tracking which are in various stages of progress: such as which have been begun; which have been tested, which are subject to peer review, and which have been completed.

Trello task boards can be used for a variety of purposes, including legal case management. It can be classified as collaborative software, akin to the rapidly growing Slack application. Trello is widely used by software developers, and it has claimed that it is used by almost three-quarters of Fortune 500 companies. So it's a good idea to check to see if your clients have Trello data, and if it can help you organize your own work.

Trello lets tasks be dragged across columns, and team members can easily monitor the group's activities. It is not designed for complex project management and has only basic functions. Each card on a task board will hold information about a particular task. Trello can integrate with Slack.

Trello lets you easily switch between task boards, and display those task boards in different formats. You can show pending projects on a timeline, or bring up charts based on the metrics for the projects.

You can get a free Trello account without entering credit card information.


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